example: Coffee, Tea, Palm Oil, Tobacco, etc








PT. Perkebunan Nusantara III (Persero) Holding is a state-owned company that dealing with the management and marketing of plantation products. The cultivated commodities are palm oil, rubber, sugar cane, tea, coffee, cocoa, tabaco, various woods, fruits and other crops.



To become a national agribusiness company that is superior and world-class competitive and contributes continuously to the progress of nation. 


Realizing a plantation resource-based business group that is integrated and synergizes in providing added value (value creation) to stakeholders by :

  1. Produce high quality products for customers;
  2. Establish superior work process capabilities through continuous improvement and innovation with good corporate;
  3. Developing a prime organization and culture as well as competent and prosperous human resources in realizing the potential of every human being;
  4. Optimizing the use of assets to provide the best return;
  5. To participate in improving the welfare of society and preserving the environment for the good of future generations.


Government Regulation No. 72 of 2014 concerning the Addition of the State Capital Participation of the Republic of Indonesia to the Company's Share Capital of PT Perkebunan Nusantara III (PTPN III) where the transfer of 90% of the shares owned by the Government above PTPN becomes 10%.


The total area owned by PT Perkebunan Nusantara III (Persero) Holding plantation is 1,181,751.03 Ha with a concession status of around 68% certified, 20% of certificates expired/ in the process of extension and 12% not yet certified. Meanwhile, the total planted area belonging to PTPN is 817,536 hectares, consisting of commodities of palm oil, rubber, tea, sugar cane, coffee, cocoa, tobacco, timber and horticulture. In addition, to improve the welfare of the community around PTPN III, PTPN III also has a plasma plantation area of 457,794 hectares.